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Coaching & holistic support in your personal development

What & how? 

I am supporting individuals (in French or in English) looking for overall well-being so that they can have a more fulfilled life personally, relationally and professionally. 
My sessions are holistic and goal oriented. It means that I help people rebalance themselves on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic levels related to what they want to work on. That is why I am mixing different therapy techniques (coaching, emotional freedom techniques and energy healing) and that I do it in different phases : the discovery of their objective(s) and what blocks them to reach it/them, emotional freedom and healing, realignment and coaching to have them reach a state of serenity!

You will find the description of the techniques that I use here

For whom?

  • People questioning (personally, relationally or professionally) and/or in transition

  • People facing challenges/difficulties and who are willing to work on themselves with a holistic approach

  • People looking for more balance, harmony and serenity in their life

For what? 

  • Need to free yourself from various situations/challenges which prevent you from being fulfilled and/or from moving forward: existential, personal or relational questioning, lack of meaning, burn out, repetitive patterns, blockages, traumas, stress, emotional wounds, fears, lack of self-confidence, loneliness...

  • Recurrent health or physical problems, lack of vital energy,... 

  • A will to reconnect to yourself and your intuition (to your strength, joy and vital needs), to the world and to others

  • Want to be accompanied in the accomplishment of your resolutions, choices and life projects 

  • Interest for personal development and spirituality and a desire to work on yourself  with a holistic approach

Organization of sessions, duration & follow-up

The first session lasts 1h30 and often consists of awareness in order to discover your goal, what you want to work on and what is blocking you. Then, depending on the time left and your needs, it is followed by a first exercice, healing and/or Bach Flowers. After that sessions, you are free to come back for a follow up and or/to continue the work more deeply (if necessary) if you want to embark on the adventure. Then, you can come back for sessions of 1h or 1h30 depending on your needs and on the frequency of our sessions. In the next sessions, I am guiding you to explore yourself from within, to release the traumas and wounds that are limiting you and to realign to yourselves, your strength and your needs. It is carried out in different phases and I use tools and techniques such as coaching and (psycho)energetic therapy. My goal is to provide you brief goal oriented therapy to help you get back on your feet and on your life path. The number of sessions I recommend will depend on that and on your feeling. 


Working on yourself can take time and it is like an onion, there can be multiple layers to a challenge and you must not be discouraged. You can already congratulate yourself for having started the work! There are also different methods of therapies or simply life experiences that will allow you to do it at the right time.  

In addition, it is important to feel comfortable with your therapist, to be ready and to feel it. 

Thus, through my sessions, I am inviting you to start or continue peeling this onion and I will tell you if it is necessary to come back but you keep your free will.

With my Facebook and Instagram page, I will also try to inspire you through articles, quotes and interviews of individuals from here and there. As for me, my door will always remain open and I will keep training and do supervisions in order to guide you in the best way possible.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you still have questions and I am looking forward to working with you if the experience is tempting you! :-)

If you want more information about me, my sessions and the different tools I am using, go to the section "about". 

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