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Couple therapy & coaching 

What ?

I am doing therapy and coaching sessions for couples wishing to find more serenity / find solutions to have a more fulfilled relationship.
In my opinion, being in a relationship is a choice of everyday life and it sometimes takes work to make it work together while not forgetting each other's individuality. This does not always happen naturally because everyone has their own personality, their functioning, their history (and their potential suffering/traumas) and their needs. Thus, I guide you towards a knowledge of yourself and the couple you want to be and that you could be together and to find a communication adapted to your needs. ​


For whom?

  • Couples with communication difficulties

  • Couples who tend to argue too much, feel hurt and don't know how to get out of it. Your partner may be frustrating you, hurting you (or has hurt you), might no longer give you what you need and you don't know how to get out of it or if there is a way out

  • Couples who are lost and don't know how to get on well together/don't know if they want to be together anymore

  • Couples who want to find solutions and actively work on themselves (together and individually) in order to find balance in their relationship

Couple sur une promenade


​I am doing couples therapy sessions in several phases: finding out what you want to work on, what you would like to change and the state you would like to reach, awareness and work on the obstacles that prevent you from being in serenity (through Bach flowers and possible exercises,in particular to communicate more peacefully) and finally, coaching towards a more balanced relationship where everyone can be themselves, be understood by the other while finding compromises.

The goal is above all to restore better bases where everyone can find their way and (re)learn to communicate well. I help you to do this by guiding you to make agreements together but also by getting to know yourself and the other better (their needs, functioning, love languages, etc.). Indeed, we do not change someone but we can agree and rebalance ourselves to find more serenity.
In addition, we can also plan individual sessions and I can give you Bach flowers so that everyone can work on themselves. Indeed, the other is sometimes a mirror of yourself and your sufferings and can (re)activate them in your daily life. By working on yourself, you can also find more serenity with the other and be less affected by certain aspects of everyday life and/or some behaviours.

Organization of sessions, duration & follow-up

The first session lasts 1h30 and often consists of getting to know each other in order to discover what you want to work on and the potential obstacles. Then, depending on the time left, it will be followed by an exercise or Bach Flowers. Then you are free to come back to continue the work and embark on the adventure! I suggest 1 hour follow-up sessions. However, you can come for 1h30 sessions depending on your needs and the frequency of our sessions.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you still have questions and I am looking forward to working with you if the experience is tempting you! :-)

If you want more information about me, my sessions and the different tools I am using, go to the section "about". 

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