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Reconnect Together!

My mission is to help as many people as possible to find an overal well-being. But to help people reconnect with themselves and find more balance and serenity, I find it vital to be able to recommend and send my patients to various professionals that I trust. Indeed, we all have different techniques and talents that can benefit others in order to help them get better at different levels in a holistic way and I truly believe that it is important to work together!

Moreover, some people are sometimes afraid to try a new therapist and new alternative techniques that they don't know. This is why I also share these different contacts here because I know that they can be trustedThese people are from Brussels and sometimes do online sessions. You will find them on this page, which will be updated regularly. Sometimes, if I think it could help my patients and that they are interested in reaching those therapists, I can work directly with some of them by explaining to them what we are working on in order to help them find a balance on other levels. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. 


Looking forward to helping you reconnect to your full potential together! 

Make your Birth Chart with Kristina! 

Kristina Garrity is a practicing esoteric astrologer who has been giving readings since 2017. She is a mulitlingual woman from New York with multiple origins (American and Indonesian/Chinese). Her sessions are online in English or French.

Her passion lies in using astrology as a tool to encourage self development. Readings with Kristina involve a detailed look at patterns carried through from past lives and a comprehensive overview of how this lifetime is designed to move consciousness forward.

When Kristina is not deciphering the symbolism behind the placement of planets, she can be found practicing Ashtanga yoga, dreaming about Earthships and studying anthropology.

To make an appointment and be contacted by Kristina, fill in this form.
You want more info, read this document or feel free to contact me with any questions! 

Do a family constellation or a shiatsu session with Ralitza! 

Ralitza Dimitrova is a Shiatsu and Family Constellation Therapist (according to Bert Hellinger and also according to Dervish tradition). In her practice she also uses EFT and Reiki.

Through all of her methods, you will find unexpected truths about yourself and the world around you. In addition, the practice of yoga, do-in and meditation complete her tools.

Her mission is to guide others towards their own development and prosperity, both emotionally and physically..

More info on the family constellations she practices here.

More info on Shiatsu here.

More general info here on her website.

She is doing her sessions in Auderghem in Brussels in French and English. 

To contact her, fill this form on her website or call her directly via her mobile phone: +32 499 82 80 13 or by email at


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