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Reconnect together (in progress)

On top of individual therapies, I am creating an interview project with stories from therapists and individuals in the form of articles and podcasts. This project is called "Reconnect together". The goal is to help people overcome their challenges through the stories, wisdom and knowledge of others. First, I will share this project on my Facebook and Instagram pages "Oriane Schreuer / Reconnect".

During my trips and travels, I have always loved getting to know people's stories and learn from their experiences. I have also interviewed individuals in the past, through a European association or for my pleasure. We each have a story to share, live a lot of experiences of resilience and acquiere much wisdom. We can bring a lot to each other. Therefore, I told myself that I had to create something a little more consistent that I could share with the world and not just keep for myself. Thus, the draft of this project was born in March 2020 during the Covid-19 crisis but it is only today that I am realizing it. Moreover, loving to capture the portrait of individuals, I will mix photographs and interviews. Doing this out of passion, it will be done step by step during my free time as I am meeting individuals.  

I believe that we can inspire, motivate and help each other to reconnect to ourselves and to the world so that everyone can find their place, reconnect to their joy and realign!


Other projects such as workshops, events and the development of a community will enrich these contents in the years to come.​ They will also be found in this section.

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