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Individual session: practical information

To book a session (live or online)

Session in Watermael-Boitsfort in Brussels

Session online


If you wish to make an appointment with me, I receive at Watermael-Boitsfort (between Place Wiener and Boitsfort station) in Brussels. On top of the train station of Boitsfort, you can easily get there with the bus 95 (stop Les trois tilleuls), 17 (stop Miraval) and the tram 8 (stop Delleur) that is connected to the subway 5 at "Herman Debroux" a few stops away. 
I am also doing online sessions. 

How long?

The first session always lasts 1h30 (to get to know you and the reasons you came for, to define the objective of your visit and for a first exercise and/or bach flowers (if necessary) depending on the time we have left.
Afterwards, if you want to come back, I usually do 1h30 sessions and my patients come once a month or maximum every two/three weeks. I recommend this as my exercises and energy healing can last longer than 1h. However, it is also possible to do 1h sessions depending on what we are going to do and how often you come. 


Individual therapy
90€ per session of 1h30 (including the first session).
70€ for 1 hour session.

Couple therapy

110€ per session of 1h30 (including the first session).
80€ for 1 hour session.
It happens that the session is a little longer or shorter (5/10 minutes maximum) depending on what we are doing and I remain flexible.
However, beyond this amount of time, it is sometimes possible to extend the session if you wish (depending on our availability) with an extra charge.

How to make an appointment?

Appointments can be made on my agenda at the top of this page or over the phone by calling me at +32 494 61 07 65.
You can also make an appointment or have more info by email at or via the contact form below. If you want to have a 10-15' session online or over the phone with me to have more info about what I do, you can also book it on my online agenda. 
I am also present on Facebook (Oriane Schreuer / Reconnect) and Instagram (orianeschreuer.reconnect) if you want to send me a private message.

If you want more information on the sessions I am doing and on the different tools I am using, go to the "type of support" section. 

Drève de la Brise 20, 1170 

Watermael-Boitsfort (Brussels)

+32 494 61 07 65

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