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From a reconnection to an expansion

Passionate about people, the discovery of new cultures and people, personal development, spirituality and the transmissions of my passions, I have always wanted to engage in various projects related to my interests, both at the personal level than professional. Sometimes in charge of projects or communication, sometimes coach or energy therapist, of a creative and dynamic nature, I try to take into account all the parts of me in order to create a tailor-made life that is in agreement with who I am, while putting my building block in society!

The first step on this path was to reconnect with myself, exploring not only my flaws, wounds and beliefs in order to free myself from them, but also my needs in order to realign myself with who I really am and to my reason for being. be, my ikigai. 
One of my passions is to pass on and use everything I've learned in connection with personal development to help people reconnect in turn with who they are. If everyone could find their place and be more fulfilled, I think we could live in a much more harmonious world! 

My story, my education and trainings

"Every man is an artist. And this is the main art we have: the creation of our history".Don Miguel Ruiz

From an interest to a new vocation among the others!

I have always had a great interest in psychology and spirituality, asking myself many questions about myself and my functioning, the world, our existence and human relationships. Moreover, like many people, I seek to achieve more serenity with myself and my loved ones on a daily basis, to get out of my beliefs and dualities and to live a life in accordance with my values. Being of a "hypersensitive" nature and sometimes taking paths that seemed far from my comfort zone, it was sometimes difficult to find a balance.

Thus, after being immersed for several years in personal development and having started a great work on myself by experimenting with different types of therapies, I trained in life coaching, emotional release techniques and energy healing. Wishing also to guide in my turn the individuals who wish it and to transmit to them what I learned, it is with passion that I accompany my clients towards a reconnection to themselves and a well-being. That said, I continue to train myself and work on myself in order to learn and always question myself for myself and my clients. 


My story and my journey

Originally from Verviers in the province of Liège in Belgium, I have always had a thirst for adventure, travel, sharing and discoveries of all kinds. After a one-year experience as an exchange student in the United States in 2008, I studied Languages and Letters, Pedagogy and Communication at the University of Liège until 2016. J I also volunteered there for various student organizations, including taking care of the integration of international students in the city by organizing all types of events and trips. Finally, I had the chance to live 6 months in Spain as part of my university course. 

In 2017, it was only natural that I left to live in Brussels, having so much need to live in an international environment, where so many encounters, activities and discoveries are possible. After working for a few months in education, I continued my career in project management, communication, animation, training and coaching in associations. During all these years, travel has also always been present in my life, always with the aim of learning and discovering new cultures and people. 


In 2019, after a great professional, relational and existential questioning, I decided to quit my job, to travel and to change my life. It was in India and Nepal that I left for a little less than 2 months to discover other ways of life, yoga and its philosophy as well as meditation. As with every experience, I learned a lot and had the chance to experience different things such as community life in an ashram. It was on my return that I naturally turned to life coaching by completing two training courses until the end of 2019, before finding a job as a Volunteer Coach and Campaign Manager for an international association._cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

Finally, in March 2021, I made the decision to reorient myself in new missions and to continue to train myself to accompany people towards well-being. Thus, I completed an 18-month training in energy healing and emotional release techniques. I also trained to engage in volunteering in palliative care and I did a replacement as a guidance agent to help job seekers in their professional reconstruction before fully committing myself to the implementation instead of my current projects. During this transition period, I also had the chance to begin to familiarize myself with the philosophy of shamanism and to learn the meditation technique "Vipassana" by performing a 10-day silent retreat. Enriching experiences that are far from being the last on my path and I hope to be able to pass on the wisdom and learning of these to my future clients and readers!_cc781905-5cde- 3194-bb3b-136bad5cf58d_

"All life is an experiment. The more experiments you make the better."Emerson

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